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Our company delivers a safe and secure environment for our participants to achieve realistic outcomes for their goals. We start by first identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as long-term needs. We then foster a supportive environment to help our participants thrive for successful futures.

We assist young people in LAC support as well as refugee children by creating safe spaces that manage challenging behaviors. By building a series of learning packages, workshops and activities in a comfortable space we are able to deliver intervention for children to take on future goals. We work closely with agencies, social services, health workers and schools as allies in protection.

Feeling like home

Each resident receives hands-on guidance in our independent living premises. We want to provide an ongoing support network that is catered to the needs of every individual. Including job opportunities, workshops, relationship management support and sessions on owning and managing your own home are all available.

We set and achieve goals

We work with individuals from all backgrounds to teach life skills, understand new goals and focus on an understanding for the basics from hygiene to entering into the job market. We helped to prepare our participants for the behaviors and actions that are acceptable in society. By focusing on setting goals and working towards new ones, we assist individuals who are at risk to CCE, gang affiliation and more.

Your support network

We can assist with implementing exit strategies for gangs and troubling situations with the help of mentors and programs. There are many obstacles that are residents are facing but we want to become a functional support network that allows them to work towards new aspirations.

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We want to work with you

Participants in our programs become future leaders and if you’re feeling inspired, contact us today and we can work at achieving a brighter future together.